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If you like good clean humor and are nostalgic for life the way it used to be in rural America, this is the book for you.  Most of these stories are based on my growing up years on a small forty acre farm in rural Idaho.  Many of the problems I endured originated from my brother, my parents, or my friends and neighbors.   These stories are real, and some of them are even true!  I have tried to change the unbelievable parts so that the stories are capable of hitting your funny bone, and come off as at least possible.  Truth is stranger than fiction, but it occasionally gets thrown out because it can't be trusted.
In the twenty-one chapters are ten superb drawings done by a beautiful lady who has more talent than she probably needs.  The cover illustration is not done by her, but was purchased for use in this book, as I could not obtain a satisfactory image of the real house involved.
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People ask me how come I have decided to sit and write funny stories about myself.  There is an easy answer.  I keep getting falsely accused of stuff that never happened, so "THIS IS WHY" I have decided to write this book.  Your kids and grand kids will enjoy these stories, and even old folks will "remember when" these things happened to them.


Hey folks.  This book makes a fine gift for any occasion.  If you know a young person, or  a young at heart person who enjoys humor and is worthy of a gift, this book is the one.


This 128 page book is available now for $11.95 plus shipping by clicking the "Buy the Books" link to the right.  It is also available at slightly reduced rates at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and other online outlets.  This book is now available in Kindle e-book format and a downloadable audio book is now available.  The book is also available in a three CD set also through the Amazon link above.